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Bora Bora islands are one of the most alluring groups of islands situated in the
French Polynesia, It is a major international tourist destination, it is famous for its
aqua-centric luxury resorts. The major settlement, Vaitape, is on the western side
of the main island, opposite the main channel into the lagoon. the main
production of the island is limited mostly to what can be obtained from the sea
and the coconut trees available all across its islands.

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Major Attractions in Bora Bora

Several resorts have been built on the small islands surrounding the lagoons which are present almost everywhere on the islands. Hotel Bora Bora,
which was opened in 1961, and nine years later in Bora Bora, they built the first
over-the-water bungalows on stilts over the lagoons. Today, over-water
bungalows are a standard feature of most Bora Bora resorts. The quality of those
bungalows ranges from comparably cheap, basic accommodations to very
luxurious and expensive.

Here in Bora bora most of the tourist destinations are aqua-centric; however,
there are a number of other destinations to visit on land such as WWII cannons
If you visit and did not try snorkeling and scuba diving in and around the lagoon
of Bora Bora, which is popular activity, then you are missing the whole fun of
visiting this island wonderland. Across the islands, most species of sharks and
rays inhabit the surrounding body of water. There are a few dive operators on the
island offering manta ray dives and also shark-feeding dives which you can enjoy
whenever you want. You should note that the local sharks living in the island’s
lagoon are not considered to be dangerous to people at all.

Best time to visit Bora Bora islands

Bora Bora experiences a tropical monsoon climate. Here the temperatures are
relatively consistent throughout the year, with hot days and warm nights. The dry
season lasts from June to October in this island nation. The best times to visit
Bora boras are November and April. These short seasons offer fine weather with
normal temperatures. The tourist high season runs from May to October when
rain showers are isolated


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Bora Bora islands have become synonymous with overwater bungalows. Many of these lavish floating villas have extravagant glass floors that supply a window to the lagoon life below it. This locale is totally unique and can only be found in this part of the world, in the fact that most Bora Bora resort hotels are built on their own tiny island, or motu which they are called by the local tahitis, and here all the visits are mostly arranged by boat transfer. Not to worry, though, you will hardly need to leave your bungalow let alone the resort. From lounging on your own private deck and receiving room service via outrigger canoe, to indulging in a rejuvenating spa treatment, you will pass the time in quiet utmost luxury.


Bora Bora has developed a one-of-a-kind culinary tradition as different cultures all over the region have infused the island with different traditions. The cuisine of Bora Bora is a mixture of traditional South Pacific cooking mixed with French, Italian, and Japanese influences. This style is seen in all types of restaurants ranging from high-end resorts to roadside stands. While the style of food may have adapted over the years, the tradition of eating Tahitian food with your hands is something that has remained.

Fish is the main staple of the Tahitian diet. Fish is often marinated in coconut milk before it is baked or grilled. Poisson cru is a very popular dish that consists of raw fish marinated in lime juice that is often served in a salad. Many dishes also include chicken, pork, sweet potatoes, breadfruit, rice, local fruit, and vegetables such as papaya, mangoes, pineapples, bananas, and fafa, which is a type of spinach.

Banana or papaya purees known as po’e are the most popular dessert served on the island. These purees are usually baked, covered with sugar and coconut milk which is the staple drink in locals.

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