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Even the people who have traveled the world are awestruck at the sight of the Grand Canyon’s massive expanse of gorges, ridges, and rock formations. So simply enjoy the view – from a spread of vantage points – is an activity that would take hours. one among the simplest ways to admire the canyon is on a hiking tour that takes you to the bottom: a number of the simplest trails include the brilliant Angel or Rim trails on the South Rim. Rafting the Colorado River is an alternative choice, like maybe a helicopter tour.

1. Grand Canyon Village

Grand Canyon Village is that the hottest entryway into the park and, as such, often suffers from heavy crowds during the height seasons in spring, summer, and fall. But there is a reason the world is so appealing. It’s home to Yavapai Point, one of the simplest places to look at the canyon. If you do not like camping but want to remain within the park, you ought to consider trying to find lodging here.

If you’re staying elsewhere, anticipate spending a minimum of half each day visiting the village’s sights. Stop by the country Grand Canyon Railway Depot, which welcomes Grand Canyon Railway passengers to the village. Here, you’ll study how the expansion of the railroad had an impression on Grand Canyon tourism.

2. North Rim

The North Rim features a reputation for its rugged, isolated trails, its sparse facilities and a scarcity of appeal within the eyes of the tourist mainstream. However, this reputation is merely partially true. Sure, the North Rim is a smaller amount crowded than the South, but only relatively so. During peak tourism periods – from the late spring to early fall – the North Rim accommodates an outsized number of travelers (about 10 percent of all Grand Canyon visitors). the great news for the character purist is that there are few available facilities within the North Rim, therefore the area will likely always remain relatively underdeveloped. Popular spots within the North Rim include Bright Angel Point, which allows views of the Roaring Springs, the North Rim’s only water source. you ought to also swing by the 8,803-foot Point Imperial, the very best point on the North Rim.

3. Bright Angel Trail

Take this steep trail, which starts just west of the brilliant Angel occupy Grand Canyon Village, to Plateau Point for a few great views of the river. But you ought to be warned: the brilliant Angel Trail may be a little quiet 6 miles long one-way, and both recent visitors and travel experts say that attempting to hike to the river and back in at some point isn’t an honest idea. confirm to pack camping gear if you propose on going all the thanks to Plateau Point and carry much water with you – some rest stops along the trail only offer water seasonally.

4. Rim Trail

While the Grand Canyon Village has plenty to supply visitors, confirm you do not ignore the remainder of the South Rim. The Rim Trail is one among the foremost popular and comprehensive trails within the Grand Canyon and one of the simplest ways to ascertain the South Rim’s hottest attractions and viewpoints. This fairly easy walking path traces the canyon’s edge, stopping off at favorite lookout points like Maricopa Point and Hopi Point.

The Rim Trail begins at Pipe Creek Vista (several miles east of Grand Canyon Village) and ends at the favored Hermit’s Rest lookout point west of the village. In total, the Rim Trail stretches about 12 miles. Fortunately for travelers, the park’s free shuttle runs along a paved road along the trail, allowing quick access to the village and points along the way.

5. North Kaibab Trail

If you’ve chosen to explore the North Rim, the North Kaibab Trail is that the area’s premier hike. The trail leads all the thanks to the Colorado River, and hiking enthusiasts can take the 14 miles to the brilliant Angel Campground near the water. The trail is rough getting into the summer when the recent Arizona sun is unforgiving to hikers. there’s little shade along the way, making the journey even harder. you would possibly want to steer the trail within the spring or fall instead of the summer; you will get to enjoy a number of the simplest views within the park sans the sweltering heat.

If you’re new to hiking and camping, you ought to probably stay in the tourist-friendly South Rim. But if you would like to flee the crowds, you’ll still take a guided, mule-driven tour through the trail from May to October.

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