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The Republic of Maldives or you can simply call it Maldive islands, is an independent island country to the north of the central Indian Ocean. The Maldives comprises around 1200 small islands of which about 200 are inhabited. These islands are grouped in clusters or atolls. These islands stretch to more than 510 miles (820 km) from north to south and 80 miles(130 km) from east to west. It is the smallest Asian country both by land and population.  Malé is the capital with the most population. Male is traditionally called “Kings Island” where the ancient Royal dynasties rules for its central location.

People think the Maldives is all about private resorts but how long can you be enjoying in that alone, a day or two. In order to explore the Maldives and have fun with your partner so that you can treasure memories here are the 15 things, you must do in the Maldives.

  1. Dolphin cruise
  2. Relaxing in the Spa
  3. Visiting Malé
  4. Island hopping
  5. Have a professional Photoshoot
  6. Relaxing on the beach
  7. Watch a traditional Boduberu Show
  8. Have a swim in the Indian Ocean
  9. Watching the sunset (from a boat)
  10. Snorkeling
  11. Parasailing
  12. Swimming with Mantas
  13. Scubadiving
  14. Eating a typical Maldivian Submarine
  15. Drinking a fresh coconut

So now we have given you the checklist. Tick them all and have fun.

General Information below:


The whole population of Maldives belongs to the Maldivian ethnic group. It is believed that the first people who settled in the Maldives were Tamil and Sinhalese from the Southern part of India and Sri Lanka. From Malaya, Madagascar, Indonesia, China, and Arab countries Traders visited it for centuries. The Official Language of the Republic of Maldives is Dhivehi (Indo-European also called Maldivian), other languages such as Arabic, Hindi, and English are also spoken. Islam is the main religion in the Maldives. It has a population of roughly 515,696. The birth rate in the Maldives is higher than the average birth rate in the rest of the world, but the death rate is lower. People under 15 years comprise more than one-fifth of the population.

Beauty of islands

The Maldives is mostly popular among scuba divers. If you want to experience island life at its most relaxed and beautiful, Maldives is the place for you. Either it’s the private overwater Bungalow or the glass bottom boat, there are very fewer chances of you returning home disappointed. It’s wrong to say that one is going to have a bad holiday here. It cant be resisted with its white beaches, blue sea, and colorful marine life. The Maldives is known to have the most beautiful tropical islands in the whole world.

Best Places to visit

  1. Male Island
  2. COMO Cocoa Island
  3. National Museum
  4. Baros Island
  5. Seagull Cafe, Male
  6. Tsunami Monument, Male
  7. Majidhee Magu
  8. Mirihi Island
  9. Huvahendhoo Island
  10. Rangali Island
  11. Emboodhu Finolhu Island
  12. Grand Friday Mosque
  13. Thai Wok Restaurant
  14. Banana Reef
  15. Fihalhohi Island
  16. Artificial Beach
  17. Utheemu Ganduvaru
  18. Veligandu Island
  19. Sun Island
  20. Biyadhoo Island

Food in the Maldives

Here, one can enjoy great diving, snorkeling but the FOOD there is on the next level. The highlight of Maldivian cuisine is Tuna. Their flavor to local dishes is a gift from Arabian and Indian tastes. Below listed dishes and drinks are recommended for you to try in the Maldives:

  • Garudhiya
  • Mas Huni
  • Masroshi
  • Bis Keemiya
  • Boshi Mashuni (Banana Flower Salad)
  • Fried Yams 
  • Maldivian Live Lobster
  • Saagu Bondibai
  • Reef Fish Cutlets
  • Gulha
  • Kulhi Boakibaa
  • Aluvi Boakibaa
  • Fish curry
  • Rihaakuru
  • Maldivian Vegetable Curry
  • Sai (Tea)
  • Maldivian Lady
  • Biyadhoo Special
  • Lucky & Al
  • Gulab Jamun

Some of the famous traditional dishes are:

  • Mas huni – A famous Tuna salad with coconut.
  • Garudhiya (Maldivian fish soup) – Packed with plenty of chilis, raw tuna, and Lime.
  • Kulhi boakiba– Fish Cakes eaten on special occasions.
  • Handulu Bondibai– Sweetened sticky rice also for special occasions.

Best Hotels

The Maldives has some best romantic Hotels where you can Fall in Love all over again. Here is the list for top hotels:

  • LUX SOUTH ARI ATOLL– Best for staying up late.
  • SONEVA JANI- Best for Families
  • THE NAUTILUS, MALDIVES- Best for a Boho experience
  • JOALI– Best for going back to Basics
  • MILAIDHOO ISLAND MALDIVES– Best for switching off
  • COCOON MALDIVES– Best for Urban chic in an island setting
  • HURAWALHI ISLAND RESORT- Best for marine aficionados
  • THE ST REGIS MALDIVES VOMMULI RESORT– Best for serious foodies
  • DRIFT THELU VELIGA RETREAT– Best for runaway couples

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